Awards Guidelines

The Annual Compliance Awards were created in 2004 to recognise the successes and achievements of compliance professionals from across the financial services industry and supporting professional services firms.

Judges will be looking for quality of applications, not necessarily numbers of nomination forms received in order to discourage 'mass-voting'.

Each person nominating is invited to make a clear case for why a particular project/person should be nominated and should ensure that all the details entered about the nominee (like for example job title and contact details) are correct.

Those making nominations should avoid sending in supporting information, but instead make their case using the nomination form.

If supporting information is required to clarify aspects of the nominations, this will be sought by Reuters Limited as part of its work in preparing information for the judging panel.

The judges' decision is independent of Reuters Limited.

The judges' decision is final

Self-nominations by organisations or individuals are accepted. We can only accept nominations for UK-based nominees, firms and organizations

There should be no lobbying of the judging panel as part of the nomination. The judging panel will take a severe view where evidence of this comes to light.

Nomination forms are strictly private and confidential and are shared only by the event organiser Reuters Limited and the judging panel.

If you have any questions or concerns about the nominating procedure, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 7542 4180.

10th Annual Compliance Awards
19th November 2014
The Dorchester, London

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